Class: Magellon

General Characteristics

Registry: TSS 1 – 550
Launched: 2857
Maximum Speed: Multiplex 6 (36c)
Auxillary Craft: Contra-Grav Jeeps
Arnaments: Foward Plasma/Laser Battery (port & starboard)
Belly Plasma Cannon
Defenses: Force Shield
Propulsion: Contra-grav lifters
MPD thrusters
Multiplex Engine

Ship Layout

This is the command center of the saucer, located in a dome at the top of the ship. The outer gray ring is a service corridor that contains the various bridge systems and life support.

A large holo-tank display screen in front linked to external cameras allow viewing the area surrounding the saucer. A helm console set in front of it on a raised platform allows the ship’s operator to control the direction and speed of the ship.

To the right of the display screen is the ship’s Fire Control station that directs the ship’s weapons (forward plasma & laser battery, belly plasma cannon), defensive shield and secondary probe station.

Directly behind him is two raised seats for the captain on the right and the XO on the left. This allows them to monitor the consoles on their side. Directly behind them is the Boatswain’s station and the secondary display stations on the curved wall.

The stations on the right or starboard side is Communications (ftl and radio) and Science which shows data from the external sensors and probes, as well as links to the ship’s library system. Behind this console is the stairwell to Deck 1 facing aft; behind it is a storage closet (forward) and a toilet (aft).

The stations on the left are Astrogation and Engineering, which doubles as damage control. The stairwell behind it goes to Deck 1 and faces forward.

Deck One
Officer country. The forward staterooms are single occupancy while the aft staterooms are double occupancy.Between the officer’s staterooms and the outer ring is a 3’ deep storage compartment sloping from 6 to 5.5 feet high. The outer ring holds additional storage tanks and processing equipment. accessible by a hatch in the Gally and Officer Stores compartment.
The central core on this deck contains the ship’s computer core and navigation systems. can be used to navigate the ship if the bridge is damaged.

Deck Two
Red is the ship’s engineering spaces, yellow is cargo, cyan is crew berthing and green is the crew’s mess and recreation.
The light blue inner ring are lockers on port and starboard. The forward lockers were opened up to form a crews observation lounge. The outer ring holds the ship’s contra-grav coils and navigation thrusters.

This deck also has the air processing in both the engineering section and a back up system in the central core.

Deck Three
Ship’s laboratories are purple, yellow is cargo, red is engineering. The outer tan ring holds the ship’s contra-grav coils and navigation thrusters, while the inner tan ring are storage lockers for specimens and supplies.
The central core on this deck acts as the ship’s emergency repair locker and triage area.

Deck Four
Green is for the forward and aft boarding ramps. The aft ramps is the storage hanger for the ship’s contra-grav jeeps.
Aqua is the water storage tanks used for fuel, drinking and atmosphere.
Yellow is the forward weapons array.
Blue is the outer planetary sensor ring.
The central core on this deck holds the auxiliary reactor to power the core systems and the ship’s main weapons, including the underside plasma laser.


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