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The Dracos Rift was named historically for the Dracos Dominion, which conquered a significant quarter of the rift between 3000 – 59 B.P. (Before Pax). A slave revolt managed to remove the Council of Queens, which resulted in the immediate collapse of the Dominion.

In the chaos that followed, the freed worlds banded together for mutual defense and support, eventually forming the Pax Confederation. Each individual member retain sovereignty over their own nations and colonies, while decisions that affected all were decided by the Pax Councils and Bureaus.

In 2018 P.F., war broke out between two neighboring systems. It quickly escalated into civil war that pulled the Pax Confederation apart as worlds made war on their neighbors and colonies declared their independence.

In 2035 P.F, a young, un-contacted world known as Terrene started to explore their interstellar neighbors, only to discover scarred battlefields. The Terrenes began to branch cautiously out, making contact with a few surviving outposts.

By 2084 P.F., Terrene had established several fledging colonies of its own when it made contact with representatives from Cosmopolis.

It is 2107 P.F., and Terrene has emerged as the leader of the Dracos Rift. There are some who say that the old Pax Confederation however still has a few secrets left.


Terrene Survey Service

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