Terrene Survey Service

The Terrene Survey Service is dedicated to the exploration of space and the discovery of intelligent life.


Officers must attend either the service academy on Terrene or a Reserve Officer Training Program hosted by many universities and colleges. Typically this is a four-year program. Apon graduation, they receive a commission in the Survey Service. Typically newly commissioned officers are 22-30 years old.

Enlisted men must attend the service boot camp, approximately three months in duration in which they are indoctrinated to the Service ideals, receive shipboard training and trained in armed combat. A typical “hitch” is four years, unless recruited for one of the service specialty schools, which require a six year commitment. Typically, new crewmen are 18-25 years old.



Magellon-Class – Contra-grav saucer with MFD Thrusters and Multiplex Engine. Work horse of the Survey Service, only a few remain in service.

Terrene Survey Service

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